What’s in my handbag?

As seasons change, my favourite key accessory does too. I usually keep it quite neutral with black, brown and the occasional white, but recently I’ve opted to embrace the spring season by sporting cobalt blue bag by Dune London South Africa (as seen in my previous lookpost).

So, let’s get into what’s inside my handbag?!

It’s no secret that I struggle with dry skin, so having a hydrating product that I can apply under and over my foundation is essential so I never leave the house without my Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray as meantioned in my September Favourites.

What's in my handbag?

Next up are brows… the real windows to the soul. I recently acquired LashEM Brow Tint & Lift in J17 at a beauty event and it’s been such a life-saver. It’s been perfect for keeping my brows on fleek all day and all night. My brows are quite sparse and if you look closely, you’ll see that theses little hairs are having a party up in there going in all directions and we just can’t have that!

What's in my handbag?

Sticking with the eye region, I never leave the house without my trusty Stila major MAJOR lash mascara. The wand is thick enough to grasp onto my lashes and provide an even coat from root to tip. The wand has a narrow point that allows you to coat bottom lashes and those tiny hairs on the inner-corner of the eye.

What's in my handbag?

I have a bit of a chapped lip issue. It’s something my father passed down to me it seems. Both of us suffer from chronic “chewing of the lips” which often result in bleeding smackers. Not my finest moment, but I must admit that since using the Rimmel Oh So Gloss in 150 Glossaholic, there has been a drastic improvement in the condition of my little lips. The formulation hydrates for hours on end and isn’t annoyingly sticky or gooey. This has rapidly become one of my must-have lip products for 2015!

What's in my handbag?

Another Lip product I’m obsessed with is the Blistex DCT lip protectant/sunscreen. I immediately feel a tingle as the balm activates upon application. The only downside is that I have to stick my finger in the pot to get product and second is the smell that reminds me of beeswax, caramel and plastic.

Deodorant is a girls best friend during the unpredictable Cape Town weather. Nivea Pearl and Beauty is my salvation and whatever sample I find get in a magazine that month.

What's in my handbag?

Next up we have nails and on any given day I have you covered with the essentials for a basic mani. I never leave the house without my essence anti-split nail polish and my black emery board. I keep a neutral polish colour in my bag and this one is called caramel cupcake by Rimmel London.

The last few items I have rolling around in my bag are a pair of simple earrings for days when I need to look a little more put together, a few tampons, hair ties and a flash drive.

So that’s that guys and girls! I hope you enjoyed this little edition of what’s in my bag. What do you have in your bag that you cannot live without? If you’ve done a what’s in my bag too then leave your blog post in the comments section and I’ll have a peak at what you’ve got going on in yours.


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