Growing up I’ve always considered myself to be a tomboy. Hiding my hair in a baseball cap, wearing baggy jeans, tattered sneakers and loose fitting t-shirts were all the rage when it came to my personal style. Not much has changed, although, I no longer hide under a hat, instead, my hair is usually up in a topknot, my baggy jeans have been replaced with harem pants and my loose fitting tees are now fitted extra-length tops from Zando.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy dressing up in a more feminine way but I think you can all tell by past posts that I’m a street-styled mommy through and through.

My style sense has definitely been passed down to the next generation. The love for solid coloured staple pieces, comfort, affordability and unisex garments have made my life simpler when it comes to dressing my toddler.


Today on the blog, Mila is owning this cropped coat, brown boots and cotton slacks crafted in one of my favourite colours right now, burgundy.

Since birth, Mila has more often than not been mistaken for a boy. I remember being slightly irked by the occurrence but somewhere down the line I’ve grown to love it. I’m not sure if it’s her strong jawline or dominant cleft, but whatever it is, I’m totally feeling it!

I tend to “do” her hair before we shoot but this time I decided to let her be and what I got was girl who looks like a boy.


Whenever I look at Madame, I’m taken to a place of high fashion and timeless beauty. There’s something intriguing about her features that scream strength and whimsy at the same time.

Examples of women who break boundaries as far as what a woman “SHOULD” look like include Andrej Pejic, who is without my all-time favourite androgyny model with Beck Holladay being a close second whilst not forgetting current it-girl, Ruby Rose.

I’ve always been conscious about my smile. My gap and tooth-to-gum ratio was always the topic of discussion and laughter at school. Some kid even nicknamed me gummy. To have a gap is a family trait, another one of those things I happen to have passed down to Mila. My father calls it her “Madonna Gap” and I can’t think of anything more gorgeous than that little parting between her incisors.

I hope you found this post interesting and enjoyed the little journey into my love for rule-breaking beauty, girl meets boy style and my insecurities that I’ve grown to love and all of this because they are perfectly imperfect, just like Mila’s.


Jacket Coat – Mr Price / Ribbed Tee – Cotton On / Pants – DIY / Boots – Woolworths


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