Revlon HD Lippies

I’ve recently fallen in love with the new HD lipsticks by Revlon. They come in 20 stunning shades and I’m seen strutting them around all over my instagram, facebook and twitter accounts. Today I bring you my honest review about the new Revlon HD Lipstick range.

The Cons
1. It’s not a long-lasting lipstick. Most of the time, if not all of the time, long-lasting = mattifying, mattifying = drying and a drying formulation is a chap-lipped girls nightmare. For someone who suffers from dehydrated skin and chapped lips you would think that I’d be happy about that right? NO! I’m a mom and full time coder by day which means between all my cups of tea, coffee and console water bottles, reapplying lipstick throughout the day is just not an option.
2. The lipstick tends to get on the transparent tube casing each time the lid goes back on which drives me crazy. #OCDproblems

The Pros
1. I find this lipstick to be very moisturizing and its gel formulation makes for an effortless application.
2. My little dry lips got a youth surge as the HD lipstick immediately gave them a glass of water with each stroke.
3. There is a sugary/tropical smell that comes from the lipstick but it’s nothing hectic or off-putting. Lingering smells tend to make my head pound after a while but even though the HD lipsticks have a sweet and tropical scent, it’s not strong enough to irritate my sinus cavities or bring on a headache.
4. No need for lipliner!

Revlon HD Lippies

Here you see me wearing the shade HD Azalea and needless to say… I am obsessed!


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