Ponds Flawless Radiance

When I first received the Ponds Flawless Radiance Moisturizer I was pretty skeptical. It promises so many things but does it REALLY work?

I have dry skin, croissant face to be exact. My forehead, nose and chin area are always dehydrated and flaky. I spend half my time moisturizing and spritzing my face and the other half exfoliating to get rid of the unsightly scaly appearance than my t-zone generally displays.
Ponds Flawless Radiant Visible Even Tone Day Cream has changed the way my skin not only looks but how it feels too. Within 24 hours I noticed that the texture of my skin improved and others saw the difference too. I used the Normal to Oily Skin formulation and even though my skin isn’t oily, I felt that the product was perfect for what I needed.

After a few days of using the range, my skin is vibrant and there is a more uniform tone in the appearance of my complexion.

I find the texture to be moussey. It dries matte and a little goes a long way. I found that the wear of my makeup improved dramatically. I’d usually smooth out my t-zone a little in photos to reduce the appearance of dehydrated and flaky skin but I no longer have to do that. There is a definite glow to my skin and everyone sees it.

My high-end day-to-day skincare routine has been completely replaced by the Ponds Flawless Radiant Day Cream and Toner. Not only is the price a better option for my pocket but the results are immediate and long lasting.

Before switching to Ponds Flawless Radiance Toner I had to deal with an intense smell of salicylic acid and dry skin whenever applied my everyday toner to my face. Sometimes the strong scent made my eyes water and I found it hard to breathe while I was cleaning my skin and reducing my pores.

All of this changed the day I switched to Ponds Flawless Radiance Toner.

My first reaction to the Toner was; “WOW, this stuff is great! It doesn’t burn my eyes and my skin feels clean but not tight or dry at all.”

I am in my 7th day of using the Ponds Flawless Radiant Moisturizer as well as the Flawless Radiance Toner and the results are just amazing. My skin is clean and clear without it being dehydrated or flaky. Pleasantly surprised by the price and effectiveness of the product, this has very easily become my skincare favourite of 2015.

This product rates a 10/10 in my books. What skin care routine are your currently following? Have your tried the Flawless Radiant range? Let me know in the comments below.


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