PIP Turns 1


1 year ago I started Painting In Pink and it’s grown into something I could have never imagined. So many doors have been opened and the relationships I’ve managed to acquire over this time has been life changing.

Working with brands I’ve been loyal to for years and working with photographers I’ve looked up to for inspiration have probably been the highlight.

I have to say a big thank you to Talya Goldberg, Amy Scheepers and Aqeelah Harron for their monumental guidance in relation to blogging, personal brand building and online exposure.


What I’ve learnt…
Many people want to be a blogger but don’t realize just how hard it is.
Blogging requires dedication, sacrifice and endless hours prep.
Many times, your hard work goes unnoticed but never stop, bloggers never quit!

The best moments…
The first time someone subscribed to my blog I stalked them so hard and I’ve always loved seeing her name when she’s liked or commented on a post. #Loyalty
The first time wordpress notified me that my “stats are booming!”. I was like “Hold up, wait a minute!” and then did a little dance. #Appreciation
The day a Jess Van Wyk told me she was stalking my blog. Little known fact:I used to HATE my Freckles till I started following Jess online. I saw how gorgeous hers are and how she embodies them and since then I’ve absolutely adored mine! #FreckleFriends

Finally, to all of you… Thank you for all your support. I appreciate each and every one of you who have liked, subscribed, followed on social media and appreciated my online voice; it really means so much to me.

To celebrate my journey I’ve done a shoot with Tegan Smith so enjoy what we’ve created and thank you!



Earrings – YDE / Clutch Purse – DIY / Shirt – Mr Price / Tulle Skirt – DIY / Boots – Bronx Women


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