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Monthly Favourites {September}

This month I reviewed 2 new Lipidol products while returning to an old favourite. I have to take a moment to rave about the Overnight Face Oil. Hello, my name is Tamlyn and I suffer from croissant face. My skin is dry and flaky throughout the year but when winter strikes, my face has an intense thirst for moisture. I have never enjoyed cleansing and moisturizing my face this much before in my life and I have Lipidol to thank for that.

I also tried the makeup remover but that was a huge fail. Even though Lipidol promises that the oil removes dirt and make-up without stripping the skin’s natural oily layer I had the opposite experience. If your experience was not shared then please comment below, I’d love to hear from you. My personal opinion would be that if you have dry and dehydrated skin like I do that you stick to an exfoliator and cleansing milk when washing your face and removing your makeup.

The Lipidol product I reunited my dry skin with was the After Shower Oil. A little goes a long way with this product. Even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t sit on the skin, instead, it’s absorbed quite fast and it leaves you feeling supple and hydrated. There is no transfer with this product which is pretty awesome for a body oil.


Even though the Overnight Face Oil gave me hydration at night, I needed something to give my skin some life during the day and for that I turned to my Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. It literally says “Thirsty Skin Relief” and I truly believe that it lives up to it’s promise. What I love about this spray is that I can use it over my makeup and it gives me a more natural look after layering on the cosmetics.

Monthly Favourites {September}

I have thin, fragile nails. I’d often discover tears in my nails from running my fingers through my hair or even putting on a jersey. It’s the reason you don’t see me rocking super long nails or even MOTD (manicure of the day) photos on social media. My nails since having a baby have been terrible and I couldn’t get them back to the length and strength they once were. I decided to try out the Essence Anti-Split and Nail Hardener lacquers from my nearest Clicks pharmacy and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the result. I have not had a single tear, chip or split. I even use it on Mila’s toenails and it has really helped the bending and splitting in her nails as well.

Monthly Favourites {September}

I tried out and completely demolished the Luminous Lips Lipstick from Catrice in 050 Coffee & Cream. Much like the skin on my face, the skin on my lips are dry and dehydrated. Not only is it moisturizing but it’s affordable and the colour is perfect for any skin-tone. Catrice cosmetics can be found at Dis-Chem pharmacies and have a variety of lip, eye and nail selections.

Monthly Favourites {September}

The John Frieda Anti-Frizz Serum leaves my hair smooth, frizz free and hydrated without the grease. I’ve been using it on both Mila and my own hair and it’s been life changing… LIFE. CHANGING! There has been a huge improvement in the overall texture and condition of our hair.

In conjunction with the Anti-Frizz Serum I’ve applied Hask Argan Oil whenever my hair needed a little more moisture and shine.

Monthly Favourites {September}

For my hands I’ve been using the Biologie hand lotion with Shea Butter and I’ve really enjoyed the results. Not only is it easily absorbed into the skin but the smell is heavenly! A little goes a long way with this product which means it’s one of those items that tend to last you a long time. I always find it’s worth it to invest in products that are more potent in their formulation because I find that I tend to use it less frequently due to the moisture and hydration it provides over a product that is cheaper and offers minimal results.

Those are my favourites and I hope you enjoyed this post and review of the products. Comment below with what your monthly favourites were and if you’ve used any of the products, let me know how it worked for you.


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