Miglio Designer Jewellery

I received at pair of gorgeous earrings in the style Eccentric from Miglio designer jewellery and from the moment I laid my big brown eyes on them I fell utterly and completely head over heals in love with these beauties. The burnished silver and detailed edging speaks to my rustic and edgy style. It’s unique hollowed out appearance gives the earring a light and airy feel.

Having sensitive skin means that investing in quality pieces is something I’ve become accustomed to. Knowing that Miglio’s earrings are lead and nickle free means no itching, burning or sweating. An added bonus is the attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship of the jewellery. Their pieces are crafted from eco-friendly, recycled brass and pewter which is then dipped in solid silver or rose gold. Now for my favourite part, the hand-buffing and burnishing give these items a unique patina.

Miglio Designer Jewellery
Miglio Designer Jewellery
Miglio Designer Jewellery
Miglio Designer Jewellery
Miglio Designer Jewellery

Jewellery Glossary:
Patina - the darkening and aging of an original finish.
A surface appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with age or use, which adds value to an antique or collectible and should not be excessively cleaned.

Pewter - the fourth most popular metal used in jewelry, behind gold, silver, and platinum.
Due to the low melting point, those who work with pewter are able to create jewelry with intricate detail.

Burnishing - highly reflective finish by using a variety of specialized tools to compress and flatten the surface of a precious metal.
While time consuming and labor intensive, hand burnishing does not remove any of the precious metal from the jewelry and can produce a very striking effect.

I suggest clicking here and purchasing jewellery cleaning materials to keep your possessions looking perfect and lasting a lifetime.

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