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When we think about comfortable clothing, we rarely associate it with being stylish. I’ve found that If you keep your palette minimal and layer your items well, you can get away with looking effortless and chic without too much effort. Today I bring you my everyday style, monochrome palette and my favourite Miglio designer jewellery piece to tie it all in.

The best thing about this necklace is the detachable pendant in the style eccentric. It happens to be the perfect accent to the chain while being multifaceted enough to be used to spice up your favourite choker. Miglio gifted me two gorgeous items with one of them being this burnished silver plated link necklace that is so versatile and fits in perfectly with my everyday style.

Miglio Designer Jewellery {Part 1}
Miglio Designer Jewellery {Part 1}
Miglio Designer Jewellery {Part 1}

I have a few personal rules when wearing statement jewellery:
1. Limit yourself to a single item. It’s good to remember that when it comes to statement jewellery that less is more and it’s a universal rule that will never change.

2. Keep it simple. A basic colour template is the best way to accentuate your statement piece.

3. Complete the look. Choose items that match the fashion genre you’ve decided to go with. In this post, I’m living my best street style life so the chunky link necklace is the perfect amount of edge.

4. Don’t wear competing items. Pair bold clothing items with simple accessories or alternatively, simple pieces with more adventurous necklaces or earrings.

Miglio Jewellery {Part 1}
Miglio Jewellery {Part 1}

I really hope you have enjoyed this post and learnt something new about new about dressing your jewellery.

Leggings – Forever 21 | Deep V College Skinny Jumper – Refinery | Sneakers – Levi’s | Necklace – Miglio Designer Jewellery | Pendant – Miglio Designer Jewellery

Photography by Photos By Mich

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