Lush Inspired Bath Bombs {DIY}

As you see by the title of this post, today we’re doing a DIY! Allow me to stress how much I love Lush, my family and I are low key obsessed with their products. We have been purchasing their products for 2 years now and will continue to support them for many many years to come.

The idea to create my own bombs came to me when I drove out 20km to get to my nearest lush store for their annual markdown but was heartbroken when a lush lady told me that SA was exempt from the international sale. I bought a few things regardless of the fact that the discount was not in effect. I browsed the store thinking that it would be fun to make these goodies and since they’re organic, it shouldn’t be that hard.

3 things really stand out to me whenever I browse the lush store, the bath bombs, solid bubble bars and shower jellies. I decided to try my hand at making the bath bombs so if you’re keen on finding out how I managed to make my own then keep on reading.


Essential Oils of your choice – make sure that they’re body safe
Epsom Salts
Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Witch Hazel
Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Food Colouring

Mould – I used a plastic christmas ornament mould from the Crazy Store for R25
Something to measure ingredients with
Surgical gloves

1 part Citric Acid for 2 parts of Baking Soda.

I used 50ml of baking soda and 25ml of citric acid. I mixed it around with my fingers to break up any clumps in the mixture but putting it through a sift works just as well.

I added in 25ml of epsom salts and mixed it around in the mixture once more.

This is the step where I put my I added in a few drops of my preferred essential oils, coconut oil and food colouring. Don’t overdo it with the food colouring, 2-3 drops will suffice.

Mix it all up well. When the consistency resembles wet sand and that’s when you know it’s ready to be put into the mould.

Unpackage your mould and start packing the mixture in. Make sure that you really get it in there and overfill each side and squish it together until the two parts meet.

Leave it be for a few minutes and then softly tap the outside of the mould and gently remove each end. Refrigerate your moulds for 3-4 hours before use.


I really enjoyed making these and the variations are endless. Tag me in your recreations online so that I can like and comment on your masterpieces and be sure to subscribe for more DIYs.

Disclaimer: In no way is this a replica of what you have in store but it’s super easy and fun to make.


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