Labello Vanilla Buttercream

I can not remember a time when my lips were not cracked or dry. I also can not remember a time when there was not a labello tube in my handbag or backpack. Over the years I have tried a variety of different brands but I always seem to come back to Labello. With the addition of the Labello Vanilla Buttercream, I am once more excited by the brand and what it has to offer.

This past weekend myself, my two cousins and aunt sat around the table and enjoyed trying out the new addition to the labello family. We found our lips to be instantly moisturized as the vanilla buttercream created a barrier of moisture when we moved the tube from left to right. The ingredients are specifically included to help chapped, cracked and dehydrated lips recover. Labello vanilla buttercream contains shea butter and natural oils which leaves your lips moisturized and nourished from the first swipe.

Top Tips for Soft Lips

1. Moisturize with balms that have beeswax, Shea butter or cocoa butter

2. Make sure that you’re getting enough Vitamin E and B through your diet by ensuring you’re having fruits and veg daily.

3. Apply SPF or use a balm with SPF. They don’t add much moisture but it is beneficial in avoiding burning.

4. Moisturize your lips as your final step before closing your eyes and calling a night. 

5. Stay hydrated. Try to get as much water in your system throughout the day as possible. Not only is this great for your lips but it’s generally good and leaves your skin feeling and looking amazing.

Labello Factoids

1. The word Labello is derived from the Latin words “labium” (lips) and “bellus” (beautiful) which is exactly the goal of Labello – to give you beautiful lips!
2. Labello is the market leader for lip care while also producing about 160 million lip balm sticks worldwide every year.

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