KWV Emporium Experience

I recently attended a tasting and pairing at the KWV Emporium in Paarl but it was not my first dance with a KWV wine. I remember years ago, I was at a party and majority were okay drinking KWV brandy and coke but at that time, it just wasn’t for me. When it was time for a “drinks run” I put my request in for a bottle of red, at this point, anything would do, so when they showed up with KWV once more I was a little annoyed, to say the least. Little did I know, one of the bottles of KWV had in fact been a bottle of red wine and that’s when my love for the brand began.

Attending the tasting in the month of June meant that I enjoyed the Mentors and Perold, presented by Ilize. The tasting left me completely blown away by the complexity of each wine and the variations of the pairings. Enjoyable and educational, it was one of the best experiences I have had yet.

KWV Emporium Experience

The KWV Wine Emporium hosts different themes on every first weekend of the month with either a wine or brandy maker. The first one was hosted on the 17 June at the Wine Emporium in Paarl. What makes KWV’s tastings different to the rest is that you’re afforded the opportunity to for the consumer to meet the winemaker of specific brands and get to know the KWV winemaking team at the same time.

Worry not if you’re non-alcoholic, the Emporium have a alcohol free options as well as a kid-friendly menu where sparkling grape juice is served.

Variations of tastings include A Taste of KWV, A Taste of Tea, A Taste of the Best, A Taste of South Africa, Taste of Decadence and A Taste of Sweetness.

The taste of sweetness pairing was probably my favourite but that’s due the the amazing taste of the Wild Africa Cream Liqueur. I have tasted other cream liqueurs but none like this. Wild Africa will be making a debut in our winter collection this season.

KWV Emporium Experience

If cream liqueurs are not your forte then you’ll be sure to enjoy the delicious cupcakes paired with the award-winning KWV Cape Tawny and the KWV Red Muscadel. If Cream Liqueur is your forte then try the Van der Hum along with the Wild Africa to have an out of this world experience.

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KWV Emporium Experience

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