John Frieda Full Repair {Review}

For the past few weeks I’ve been using all the products in the Full Repair range by John Frieda, sent to me by Beauty Bulletin. It has left my hair feeling soft and silky smooth but that’s not all, continue reading to find out what I loved and loathed about these 5 products.


The shampoo is unlike any other I have used. I found it to be moisturizing instead of drying. In the past I found that I either had to wash-rinse-repeat to make sure I’ve gotten a good cleaning or use a clarifying shampoo, both options left my scalp clean but my hair really dry. What I love most about this shampoo is that it’s ability to clean my hair of product build-up is in no way tainted by its moisturizing properties when used.

I was pleasantly surprised by the potency of the conditioner. I have very blonde and very processed hair, unlike Gaga I wasn’t born this way and it takes a few tricks to get it looking soft and shiny. It didn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down or even flat, it delivered a stunning satin finish to my hair.


Mousse me baby! I am living for this root lift foam aka mousse, it’s basically a boob-job for my hair. I find that when applied to wet roots, it gives such great life and honey, who doesn’t need a little bit of a lift every now and then. My hair is pretty fine so I work what’s left through the rest of my hair resulting in thick, lush, healthy hair.

4 hair oils currently occupy my bathroom cupboard and the John Frieda Full Repair Elixir is one of them. I have loved all of the products in the range with the exception of this one. The oil delivers a smooth finish and high shine but soon after leaves my hair sticky. I’m more of a “thick serum” kind of girl but only because a thicker serum is easier to control when pumping it out and secondly, tends to deliver a more concentrated result to the area you’re applying it to.


My favourite thing to do is wash my hair in the shower. Having a deep conditioning mask that only requires a few minutes to do it’s magic is perfect for the woman who has places to go and things to do. Much like the other products in the range, a little goes a long way. If you could only purchase 1 product from the range I suggest you buy this. I found the ends of my hair to appear less distressed and an unmistaken glossy appearance to my strands.

I love it when a brand really thinks about the convenience of the customer when packaging their products. I really like that the shampoo and conditioner are designed to have the lid be at the bottom of the tube rather than the top. This means that I don’t have to shake the holder like you’re trying to get the last bit of nandos sauce out of the bottle. In the shower, water running, shaking the container for what we know is a good R5 coin sized dollop of shampoo or conditioner. You know what I mean… we’ve all been there.

Final thoughts… Not only do I find that this range does wonders for one’s hair but it has lasting effects. It smells amazing and is great value for money.

To my moms reading this, the product does not deliver a burning sensation, itching or any negative results to small children. I did use the repair range on Mila’s hair and the results were fantastic. If you’re looking for a mommy-and-me hair care range then I suggest you try this one out.

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