Impress {Review}

There is nothing that says Hello new month quite like the latest edition of Elle Magazine. I make it a point to get while it’s hot and plot out my #ElleSelfie.

I don’t usually browse magazine area to see what else catches my eye but this month two publications really stood out above the rest. One of which was Cosmo and it included these adorable press on nails with purchase of the magazine. For a week I took the magazine from car to the office and back to the bedroom without even opening them but when I realized that I needed to do my nails for an upcoming shoot I took the plunge used them.

As Mila slept I gave myself a well deserved and hella overdue pedicure while the I sat with the hubby and enjoyed some downtime by streaming a show we’ve heard of but never watched. Some R&R is important when having a little one, especially one as active as ours.


While soaking my feet I opened the packaging, read the instructions and started fitting the faux nails to my own. Making sure to match them as close as possible I filed the tops a little to tell them a part from the rest before putting them back in the box.

I soaked my hands, scrubbing them with my gentle exfoliating wash from Sorbet and pushed my cuticles back. I gently filled my nails in the desired shape and proceeded to rough up the surface before using the prep cloth included in the package to remove excess dust and oils from the nail. I gently peeled back the protective slip and placed the nail onto my own, making sure to get it as close as possible to the nailbed and pressing down firmly.

The packaging says that the nails last 7 days and I have indeed proved that to be true. I did the dishes and washed my hair daily and the nails held up.


Being as how I was so impressed with them, I went back to the store and got another pack, this time in blue.

What do you think? I just love them!


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