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I’ve teamed up with the lovely folk over at Travelstart to bring you a festive video, informative content and a little bit of Christmas cheer.

The amount of South Africans I know who live abroad is uncanny, the two countries that stand out the most would have to be Australia and the UK. With an array of rich cultures, scenic areas and rich history, the UK is definitely a bucket list destination. If you are interested in a great deal then check out these cheap flights to London by clicking here.

Watch the following video where South African UK Blogger Jesse Scott Brown and UK Born South African Blogger Shante Hutton experience Christmas in their own unique way.

If you are having trouble deciding me between sandcastles or snowmen then look no further. Just click here to read about all the wonderful differences between SA and the UK.

Travel Tips:
1. Get the most out of your buck by researching destinations that make sense based on the exchange rate.
2. Purchase your airline ticket early to ensure you get the best deal.
3. Avoid travelling during peak times. Flights and accommodation are spiked as well as the destination being overcrowded resulting in endless queues and waiting times.
4. Photocopy important documents. If you so happen to lose your passport, you’re able to use a photocopy.
5. Alert your card company about your travels. Not only does this prevent your bank from putting a hold on your credit card but it is also a good tip for them to stop transactions from taking place once you’ve reentered your home country.
6. When traveling to culturally rich countries be mindful of what you say and do. You’re essentially a guest so be respectful.
7. Let your family/friends know where you’re going. Especially if you’re travelling alone.
8. Don’t travel with all your eggs in one basket. By this I mean don’t keep your cash and cards together, keep them separate.
9. First aid kits are essential. It might sound odd but a plaster, ant-bacterial, pain and nausea medication could really improve the quality of your trip.
10. Be spontaneous. It’s great to have a plan of action when travelling to a new country but it’s also great to get lost in the whimsy of spur of the moment adventures.

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