Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water & Wipes

Skincare is really important to me right now. As I get older, I'm paying more attention to what is good for my skin and what it needs. When it comes to removing my makeup I'm quite strict. I never sleep with makeup on so finding something effective and affordable is really important to me.
I had bought and received the Garnier Skin Active Micellar water when it initially hit SA shores but I never really got into it. I used up an entire 400ml bottle and was not impressed by a number of cotton pads I had used to get makeup off or with the film it left on my skin. However, my tune quickly changed when the Garnier Skin Active Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water & Wipes entered my local Foschini store I grabbed a pack without thinking twice. Now on my umpteenth pack and bottle, I can happily say that it's the best cleansing duo I've ever used.

Like many others, I really paid no mind to the hype around Micellar water. A fad at best and one that would be gone before you know it. Years later, it's still around and its evolution has made allowance for most, if not all skin types. Initially I used the pink bottle of Garnier Micellar Water. Not impressed by the texture it created or the film left on my skin, I found myself shying away from the product and sticking to my face masks, serums and exfoliators. This formulation clearly stated that is for "all skin types". An indication I should have paid attention to because it goes without saying that it wouldn't be suitable for my dehydrated skin. However, none of my previous complaints were relevant once I gave the oil-infused water and wipes a try. I got along with it so well that I even travel with a pack of wipes in my bag. Even though I have dry skin, I found that cleansing throughout the day doesn't add to my dryness or dehydrate my skin further.

There have been mixed reviews about the scent of the product. However, I have not experienced any pungent or long lasting smells from using it on my face. A light citrus scent escapes the bottle once the cap is popped. With that being said, I don't find it to be a smell that lingers.

Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water & Wipes
Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water & Wipes

A saturated cotton pad removes waterproof makeup with ease. I find that not only is it effective in dissolving makeup effortlessly, but it captures impurities and lifts dirt away from the skin too.

Tips and Tricks:
- Micellar water is not only great for your cleansing bare skin and removing makeup but it can be used clean makeup brushes too.
- Great skin cleanser and refresher after a workout.
- Perfect for a quick skin cleanse first thing in the morning.
- We all know how a pesky winged liner can ruin a perfect makeup day. Use micellar water on an earbud and wipe away any imperfections effortlessly.
- No one hates getting tagged more than I do. Walking through the mall and some random perfume lady/man spritzes you and the scent lingers on your skin. Micellar water/wipes are perfect to remove it!
- I recently coloured my Moms hair and she had some brown find its way onto her skin and ears. Some micellar water on a cotton round removed the hair dye with ease.

You can purchase the cleansing water here and cleansing wipes here.

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