For The Love Of Travel

Growing up in the burbs, I would find myself getting a little jealous at the kids who got to travel abroad and experience different countries and cultures. We didn’t always have a lot but looking back, I realized that we had what mattered. As I got older, I grew to appreciate the beauty that Cape Town has to offer. Realizing that I didn’t have to hop on a plane or spend thousands to travel was one of the best life discoveries I’ve made thus far.

Now that I’m a mom and wife, going places that are family friendly tend to be higher on my priority list when planning a getaway. One of my favourite places to go is Franschoek. Venturing to the local watering hole for a good ol fish and chips, wine-tasting at Leopards Leap and walking hand-in-hand down the main road to the hotel with my hubby.

Getting the best out of your trip is sometimes as simple as researching where you’re going. Planning in advance allows you to take advantage of flight specials and accommodation bargains. Taking note of the activities that your preferred destination offers, allows you to experience the venue in the best possible way. Leopards Leap is a favourite destination for the hubby and I. They serve an unbelievable rotisserie lunch and the way the mountains are backlit by sunset is the perfect setting for a romantic date.

Photo by Maja Petric

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Remember, you don’t need to seek very far to find the beauty in something. Fall in love with South Africa, one journey at a time.

Images by Maja Petric and Mike Birdy
Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Travelstart.


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