Décor Trends

Each year I wait in anticipation for Pantone to release the colour of the year and with the human race expanding our conscious mind, the colour Greenery being chosen as the “it kid” for 2017 is sheer brilliance. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this years decor trends then keep on reading.

No need to paint an accent wall, bring in trends using cushions, plants, lights, rugs, throws and if you’re feeling brave… an armchair. Pair this gorgeous colour with soft yellows and neutrals for a Scandinavian feel to your home.

I’ve always loved floating shelves but I really like the freedom and creativity a peg board offers. An essential shelving solution for the renter, student and home decor amateur/expert. Great for creating DIY shelving, organizing frequently used items, pinning notes and photos too. Awesome for small offices, cubicles, kids rooms or the shed.

Decor Trends

I’ve recently fallen in love with pendant lights and they are the perfect minimalist way to bring a bit of personality into ones home. With styles including modern, transitional industrial and contemporary, you can really jazz up your joint using one focal item. 2017 is just my year (yes, I’ve already claimed success via affirmation) with bright colours and outlandish fixtures being on trend, muted neutrals will never go out of style so why not splurge in what will definitely be an investment. Another lighting trend I’m enjoying is playing and experimenting with mixed metals throughout ones home and with in brass, copper, polished nickle, rose gold and silver to choose with the combinations are endless.

If you’re brave then why not take it one step further by picking an otherwise garish piece for your home. A great conversation starter while also being the ideal icebreaker for those awkward moments we encounter when having first time guests over.

Decor Trends

Getting my home office up to scratch is a priority for me this year. My husband and I often work from home and being a blogger/photographer means that I’m constantly having to edit at my machine. Having the correct workstation really does make a big difference in terms of productivity.

Superbalist have a large variety of desks & tables and eye is set on their gorgeous duo desks that comes in black and white. Ideal for storing my keyboard in the dropped compartment and big enough for my laptop, additional screen, mouse, notepad and coffee.

Investing in a good ergonomic chair is essential. You really cannot put a price-tag on your health so my advice to you is to spend the extra rands and save yourself thousands in chiropractic, masseuse and acupuncture bills.

Decor Trend

Started from the bottom now we’re here! Rugs are great to tie a room together. It creates warmth, depth and character to any room. I adore the feeling of good carpeting below my bare feet as I make my way from one area to the next. Best advice I can give you when picking out a carpet is to take the time to ensure that the rug you take home is one you’re going to be happy with months and years down the line.

Decor Trends

What is your favourite way to switch things up in your home? Leave me your comments below or on my facebook, twitter or instagram. Thank you so much for popping by, I hope you enjoyed this trend update, ciao!

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