Coffee Scrub {DIY}

My love for coffee is endless. Taking myself out for coffee, having it in the car, bath, bed, you name it, coffee is a staple in my life. It’s no secret that my skin is extremely dry so I find that this coffee scrub is gentle enough to use daily but effective enough to help get rid of any dry flakes. I’ve found that it’s been really effective in targeting the textured areas on my t-zone.

Did you know that coffee has the same pH as your skin? As I’ve gotten older, it’s something that I’ve started taking into consideration when purchasing bath and body products. Caffeine stimulates blood flow which aids in collagen production and since my visits to Legs11 for the endermolift treatments it’s something I’ve tried to maintain over the years. Sidenote, a photographer mentioned to me that she thought I was 25 and since I’m not it did wonders for my confidence.

Enough gabbing, let’s get into the scrub! First off, you’ll need equal parts coffee grounds and raw sugar. Please do not use instant coffee, I doubt it will have the same effects. Depending on how much coffee/sugar you use, you’ll add half of that amount in coconut oil to the mixture. My recipe calls for a 100g of coffee and 100g sugar. I use coconut oil in it’s liquid state and add it to the ingredients. Use a wooden spoon or chopsticks to mix it all together.

Coffee Scrub DIY

I love adding tea-tree oil to my facial masks and scrubs due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you would like to know more about the benefits of tea-tree oil then click here to read all about it in my DIY charcoal face mask.

Leave me your favourite scrub down below and tag me in your recreations. If you would like me to do any other DIY scrubs then please leave your suggestions in the comment bar or on my facebook page. Be sure to subscribe for many more awesome beauty DIYs.


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