Advent of scents {Day 5}

Modern. Feminine. Intimate.

These are words that best describe this stunning fragrance. Estée Lauder never disappoints when it comes to their cosmetics and it fragrance is no different. I’ve never been someone to enjoy overly sweet or spicy scents but I do love me some good ‘ol musk.

Upon first sniff, I immediately smelled honey and musk. Black pepper and rose linger as sandalwood and vanilla peak through as the aroma left behind is nothing short of a memorable.

Advent of scents {Day 5}

Modern notes include Sicilian Bergamot , Baie Rose, Mandarin , Black Pepper while the feminine notes comprise of Jasmine Petals, Muguet, Coconut Water, Honey, Musk and intimate notes round the fragrance off nicely with Melted Woods NaturePrint®, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Heliotrope and Vanilla.

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