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Welcome to day 150 (and them some) of lock-down. We have reached the stage where washing hair is optional and lounge-wear is essential. The majority of steps I am getting in comes from the b-line to my coffee machine and back. With that, I segway into coffee pods and enjoying it sustainably. Being a developer my trade, coffee is a staple in those early hours and late nights as we graft to get the job done. We consume a large amount of coffee and often a quick fix is the answer to all lifes questions. Being home for so long led me to discover a plethora of online retailers. They truly are the blessings the work-from-home-veteran needs during these dark and uncertain times. One night, while taking a break, shifting my eyes from my computer to my iphone, I fell down an instagram hole, discovering the joy that is 4WKS. Made from sugarcane waste, 4WKS pods are a new way to enjoy Cape Town’s best, freshly-roasted coffee using your Nespresso compatible machine. These pods start composting in 4WKS, and much like an apple core, in 2 months they're gone!

Benefits of coffee in the garden

1. Adding grounds in compost is excellent for your soil as coffee is rich in nitrogen
2. Another use is adding grounds in the garden like a ring of protection around your produce is a smart way to keep the bugs from devouring your home grown crop
3. I'm a dog lady and while I don't hate cats, we just don't get along. There's a pesky neighbourhood cat that stares me down outside my office but since we've mixed coffee pods into our soil it's stayed away
4. Your soil loves coffee and earthworms love soil

Next time you need that fix, click the 4WKS link and transform your morning routine. 4WKS collaborated with 4 of Cape Town’s top roasters. Deluxe, Terbodore, Naked and Rosetta to make the city’s best local coffee. Finally, a service for the sustainable coffee enthusiast. To keep the flavour train at full speed, do yourself a favour and keep your pods in an airtight container.

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