Coffee Scrub {DIY}

Coffee Scrub DIY

My love for coffee is endless. Taking myself out for coffee, having it in the car, bath, bed, you name it, coffee is a staple in my life. It’s no secret that my skin is extremely dry so I find that this coffee scrub is gentle enough to use daily but effective enough to help […]

Prima Ballerina

A prima ballerina is the chief female dancer in a ballet or ballet company. Even though Mila has just started with dance class, I find her to be the epitome of that definition. Strong and confident, Moo possesses the quality of a leader and in many occasions, a born star. Now don’t get me wrong, […]

Décor Trends

Decor Trends

Each year I wait in anticipation for Pantone to release the colour of the year and with the human race expanding our conscious mind, the colour Greenery being chosen as the “it kid” for 2017 is sheer brilliance. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this years decor trends then keep on reading. […]

Homemade Ice-Tea

Homemade Ice Tea

Best way to cool down during the summer months is definitely with something ice cold and refreshing. There’s no need to cool down with something filled with artificial ingredients that do nothing but rot your teeth and destroy your stomach. Homemade ice-tea is meant to be natural and delicious, so if you agree then keep […]

Hummus Recipe {1 of 3}

Hummus Recipe {1 of 3}

If you’ve ever had my hummus then you will know that there is something different and addictive about it. I always get asked what I put into it and today I am finally letting the cat out of the bag. If you’re interested in an epic hummus recipe then just keep reading. Let’s jump into […]