ETC Nail Studio

Hello, everybody! I’m back at it with another beauty review. This time, we’re talking all about nails and more importantly, where I’ve been getting my nails done.
With a background in beauty, Tash of ETC Nail Studio delivers exceptional work each and every time. Clients are treated to a coffee and hand massage with every new treatment, set or fill. Needless to say, it has rapidly become my favourite place to visit and unwind.

ETC Nail Studio

Rarely am I seen with bold nail colour or with an acrylic set around town. My thin nails leave me prone to tears and chips which was the main reason why I had previously shied away from acrylic and gel. Past experience has left me with sore fingers for weeks. Sometimes forcing me to wrap my nails in plasters for protection. That being said, I do enjoy keeping my cuticles tidy and my little sausages well manicured at home.

ETC provided consistent comfort and quality to all who walk in. Tash being the creative she is, shows intense passion for her craft. One of the best things about ETC Nail Studio is that they provide house call and night session services. ETC make themselves available for the working woman, busy mum or everyday gal who simply needs her nights to herself.

ETC Nail Studio

I highly recommend you give Tash at ETC Nails a call for a consultation and book a session for your next set. Whether it be the classic french tip, basic mani-pedi or something more adventurous.

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  • Oh wow. Those look nice. I’ve always been scared of somehow injuring myself or cutting myself with nails on. My own natural ones are a hazard to me. I think I’m ready experiment tho. Maybe start short and go bolder as time goes on .

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni