Advent of scents {Day 4}

Today I bring you something my husband sniffed this weekend. Acqua Di¬†Giorgio Armani. Cam (my hubby) described the bouquet as “fresh”. Subtle notes of bergamot and green tangerine gives this aromatic fragrance it’s wonderful smell.

A delicate scent for the man who need not a strong and spicy fragrance. If you’re looking for a fresh, high-end, masculine aroma that doesn’t spark a sneezing fit then I recommend this for you or your partner.

Advent of scents {Day 4}

Acqua Di by Giogio Armani is light but undoubtedly detectable. A sensual and fruity scent is created by key notes like jasmine, rose, rosemary and patchouli leaving behind a lasting impression.

What is your favourite perfume at the moment? Leave me your comments down below and be sure to check out My Perfume Shop for more glorious scents.


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