Boardmans AW/17 Trend Report

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and find today’s post as exciting as I do. I recently attended the Boardmans AW/17 trend report and came face-to-face with this season’s hottest d├ęcor items. Media were treated to a large selection of upgraded classics and new additions you’ll soon be able to shop in store. If […]

The Tulle Skirt

The Tulle Skirt

From day to night, season to season, the tulle skirt is a staple in any fashionistas closet. No need to be part of a wedding ceremony or have a special occasion in mind to pull out the classic tulle skirt. We have seen it walk the runway in Gucci, Miu Miu and Givenchy while frontrunners […]

For The Love Of Travel

Photo by Mike Birdy

Growing up in the burbs, I would find myself getting a little jealous at the kids who got to travel abroad and experience different countries and cultures. We didn’t always have a lot but looking back, I realized that we had what mattered. As I got older, I grew to appreciate the beauty that Cape […]

Coffee Scrub {DIY}

Coffee Scrub DIY

My love for coffee is endless. Taking myself out for coffee, having it in the car, bath, bed, you name it, coffee is a staple in my life. It’s no secret that my skin is extremely dry so I find that this coffee scrub is gentle enough to use daily but effective enough to help […]

Prima Ballerina

A prima ballerina is the chief female dancer in a ballet or ballet company. Even though Mila has just started with dance class, I find her to be the epitome of that definition. Strong and confident, Moo possesses the quality of a leader and in many occasions, a born star. Now don’t get me wrong, […]